Episode #108 – Dan Clark

Dan Clark is a comedian and podcast host. You can check out his podcast “My Voice Sucks” available wherever podcasts are available. Instagram: @talldinklage Twitter: @Danclark08 My Voice Sucks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/my-voice-sucks/id1448784495?mt=2 SPONSOR: eliquid.com/nerds30 – 30% off entire order! Largest online vape […]

Episode #103 – Ellie Summerling

Ellie Summerling is a standup comedian and actor. Ellie co-hosts a monthly showcase called Dirty Broads in Philadelphia, info here: Dirty Broads show: https://www.facebook.com/Dirty-Broads Follow Ellie here IG: @Ellie.Summerling/ Follow Us: www.Nerdswithwordspodcast.com Twitter: @NerdsWithWords1 Instagram: @nerds.with.words Facebook.com/nerdswithwordspodcast Patreon.com/nerdswithwords SPONSOR: eliquid.com/nerds30 – […]