Episode #125 – Tom Crolius

Tom Crolius is a stand up comedian. He runs a monthly comedy showcase in New Jersey called “Cro-Cro Comedy presents Brew Ha-Ha”. You can follow him on Instagram @honoredpuppet & Twitter @TomCrolius. Cro-Cro Comedy IG: @honoredpuppet Twitter: @TomCrolius DropTent Media […]

Episode #124 – Father’s Day

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing DropTent Media Network DropTent is a media network, aimed at creating and sharing content with fellow comedians, podcasters and creators. If you have a podcast and are interested in joining the network, please email us at Droptentpodcasts@gmail.com www.facebook.com/droptent […]

Episode #123 – Matt Hyams

Matt Hyams is a comedian and satirist. He has a satirical website about spirituality called “Ego Baby”. You can follow him on Instagram @matthyams & Twitter @matt_hyams. #workonyourkermit www.Egobabymag.com SPONSOR: eliquid.com/nerds30 – 30% off entire order! Largest online vape catalog […]